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Total 2604 changes in 0 peals and 2 quarter peals

OXFORD, S Thomas M, Oxon
Sat 2nd March 2013 in 44 mins (11-2-6)
1344 Yorkshire Surprise Major

1 Wilfred J M Lewis
2 Simon A Bond
3 Matthew R Johnson
4 Stephen J D Dann
5 Peter M Jasper (C)
6 Robert J Hornby
7 Michael A Williams
8 Nicholas J Hartley

First Treble Bob Major: 1. First in method: 3. On OUSCR quarter peal day. Yorkshire: it's not for girls.

OXFORD, S Mary Magd, Oxon
Tue 25th June 2013 in 40 mins (7-1-12)
1260 Plain Bob Minor

1 Simon A Bond
2 Rachel E Prior
3 Nicholas J Hartley
4 S L Catrin Morgan
5 Wilfred J M Lewis
6 Peter M Jasper (C)

First of minor: 2. First in method: 5. To celebrate the successful completion of the Ringroad by Edmund Mottershead, Hannah Guggiari, Rachel Prior and Peter Jasper.

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