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Total 6433 changes in 1 peals and 1 quarter peals

LONG BUCKBY, S Lawrence, Northants
Sat 16th August 2014 in 2h52 (15-1-27)
5120 Spliced Surprise Major (8m)
1024 Superlative, 768 Lincolnshire, Yorkshire, 512 Bristol, Cambridge, London, Pudsey, Rutland; 143 com; atw for all 8 bells
Comp. D F Morrison (no. 6380)

1 Colin M Lee (C)
2 Michael A Williams
3 Stephen C Theobald
4 Andrew R Wignell
5 Adrian P Sweeting
6 Michael O'Hagan
7 Simon A Bond
8 Gordon R Birks

Circled the tower as conductor. Dedicated to the memory of the fallen, particularly those of the parish of Long Buckby (including Long Buckby Wharf), 100 years on from the commencement of World War 1.

OXFORD, Magdalen College, Oxon
Fri 18th August 2023 in 53 mins (17-1-7)
1313 Grandsire Caters

1 Sheila M Cheesman
2 Luke D Perkins
3 Simon A Bond (C)
4 Rachel E Prior
5 David P Sworder
6 Helen Porter
7 Jeremy D Cheesman
8 Christopher I Griggs
9 D Robert C Sworder
10 Adrian P Sweeting

100th quarter: 4. 500th quarter: 9. 300th as conductor. A compliment to Rachel Prior and Robert Sworder, due to be married in Magdalen College Chapel tomorrow. Christine Sworder, who joined us for some rounds before the quarter, wishes to be associate with this performance.

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