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Total 1272 changes in 0 peals and 1 quarter peals

Thu 3rd June 2021 in 50 mins
1272 Spliced Triples and Major (2m)
768 Wolf Wrap Major, 504 Stedman Triples; 15 com; atw.

1 Mark B Davies
2 Simon J L Linford
3 Alex F Byrne
4 Janet E Archibald (C)
5 Cara A L Capewell
6 Simon A Bond
7 Ian G Mills
8 Catherine A Colman

This method, rung for the first time, is the invention of mathematician Stan Wagon, and is named after Stephen Wolfram, the author of the software package Mathematica used in the creation of the method. Wolf Wrap: -18.56-16-18.34-56-78 = 81234567

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