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Total 24402 changes in 4 peals and 3 quarter peals

OXFORD, S Thomas M, Oxon
Mon 25th June 2012 in 2h44 (11-2-6)
5040 London (No. 3) Surprise Royal
Comp. R Baldwin

1 Colin M Turner
2 Simon A Bond
3 Cynthia E Howell
4 Roger Baldwin (C)
5 Christopher M Tuckett
6 Andrew N Stubbs
7 Simon L Edwards
8 John G Pusey
9 Peter G Giles
10 J Alan Ainsworth

Rung in memory of Agnes Goddard who was a prominent member of the congregation and a contributor to the bell restoration fund.

OXFORD, Cath Ch of Christ, Oxon
Sun 10th January 2016 in 3h33 (31-0-23)
5136 Bristol Surprise Maximus
Comp. D G Hull

1 Bernard J Stone
2 Michael A Williams
3 Jonathan Cresshull
4 Michele Winter
5 Colin M Turner
6 Ryan Mills
7 Timothy G Pett
8 Courtney J Spoerer
9 Stuart F Gibson
10 Christopher I Griggs
11 Robin O Hall (C)
12 Simon A Bond

First Bristol Maximus: 9. Circled the tower: 3.

OXFORD, Cath Ch of Christ, Oxon
Sun 17th April 2016 in 3h32 (31-0-23)
5042 Cambridge Surprise Maximus
Comp. R W Pipe

1 Bernard J Stone
2 Harriet J M A Armitage
3 Colin M Turner
4 Christopher I Griggs
5 Simon A Bond
6 Joanna E Knight
7 Simon L Edwards
8 Matthew R Johnson
9 Stuart F Gibson (C)
10 Ryan Mills
11 Jonathan Cresshull
12 Robin O Hall

To celebrate the forthcoming 90th Birthday of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. First of Maximus: 2. First on 12: 8 and as C.

OXFORD, Cath Ch of Christ, Oxon
Sun 25th September 2016 in 1h2 (31-0-23)
1536 Stedman Cinques

1 Colin M Turner
2 Nicola J Turner
3 Michele Winter
4 Clare E F Dyer
5 Simon L Edwards
6 Richard H Youdale
7 Ryan Mills
8 Stuart F Gibson
9 Leon G Thompson
10 Simon A Bond
11 Robin O Hall (C)
12 Colin M Lee

Welcoming the Rt Rev Steven Croft as the 44th Bishop of Oxford. A truncated peal attempt inadvertently commemorating the 480th anniversary of Thomas Cromwell's somewhat unnecessarily surgical approach to problem solving.

OXFORD, Cath Ch of Christ, Oxon
Sun 18th June 2017 in 55 mins (31-0-23)
1344 Bristol Surprise Maximus

1 Michele Winter
2 Colin M Turner
3 Patricia M Newton
4 Stuart F Gibson
5 Simon A Bond
6 Katherine A Stonham (C)
7 Emma Stanford
8 Robert H Newton
9 Joanna E Knight
10 Stephen M Jones
11 Mark A Bell
12 Jonathan Cresshull

1st in method: 7. 1st on 12 as conductor. Rung to congratulate Courtney Spoerer and Hannah Guggiari on their engagement.

OXFORD, Cath Ch of Christ, Oxon
Sun 20th August 2017 in 54 mins (31-0-23)
1280 Yorkshire Surprise Royal

1 Bernard J Stone
2 Charlotte Everett
3 Simon L Edwards
4 Hazel M Rothera
5 Matthew A Child
6 Simon A Bond (C)
7 David K Barrington
8 Colin M Turner
9 Ryan Mills
10 Mark D Tarrant

With the Society's compliments to Freddie Frye following his first visit to the tower this morning.

OXFORD, Merton College, Oxon
Sun 16th September 2018 in 3h32 (25-1-10)
5024 Bristol Surprise Major
Comp. R J Angrave

1 Colin M Lee (C)
2 Michele Winter
3 Jonathan Cresshull
4 Cameron A Waters
5 David A Jackson
6 Colin M Turner
7 John P Loveless
8 Simon A Bond

To mark the 754th anniversary of the foundation of the College by Walter de Merton in 1264. Circled the tower: 8.

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