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Total 10043 changes in 2 peals and 0 quarter peals

GUILDFORD, Cath Ch of Holy Spirit, Surrey
Sat 22nd November 2008 in 3h32 (30-1-10)
5042 Yorkshire Surprise Maximus
Comp. J H Fielden

1 Anne M Anthony
2 Christopher J Poole (C)
3 Maryl R Chambers
4 Katherine R Poole
5 Simon A Bond
6 Nicholas J Balderson
7 John P W Taylor
8 Henry D Coggill
9 Martin J Cansdale
10 Richard H Burton
11 Robin O Hall
12 Mark A Bell

1st Yorkshire Surprise Maximus: 6. 1st Surprise Maximus for 30 years: 3.

OXFORD, Magdalen College, Oxon
Sun 1st August 2010 in 2h59 (18-3-20)
5001 Stedman Caters
Comp. J R Pratt

1 Jeremy R Pratt (C)
2 Maryl R Chambers
3 Christopher J Poole
4 Luke O Camden
5 John P W Taylor
6 Timothy R Poole
7 Michael A Williams
8 John H Fielden
9 Simon A Bond
10 Clive Holloway

A hearty welcome to Evie Rose Poole from friends and family.

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