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Total 37942 changes in 7 peals and 2 quarter peals

MARPLE, All Saints, Gr Man
Sun 15th July 2007 in 47 mins (13-2-12)
1280 Bristol Surprise Major

1 David E Rydeheard
2 Michael A Williams
3 Jennifer C E Lane
4 Ben Hockenhull
5 Edward O Marchbank
6 Matthew J Jones
7 Simon A Bond
8 James C Marchbank (C)

A wedding compliment to Claire and Mark Bell. First of Bristol: 4

MANCHESTER, Cath & P Ch of Virgin Mary, SS George & Denys, Gr Man
Sat 28th July 2007 in 46 mins (27-3-6)
1280 Yorkshire Surprise Royal

1 Gordon R Birks
2 Clive G Smith (C)
3 Peter G Bellamy-Knights
4 Christine Broadley
5 Matthew J Jones
6 Simon A Bond
7 Carol A Marchbank
8 Edward O Marchbank
9 James C Marchbank
10 Trevor W Marchbank

Rung after having lost a peal attempt due to 'conductor error'

MACCLESFIELD, S Michael & All Angels, Ches
Sat 4th August 2007 in 3h17 (26-0-21)
5040 London (No. 3) Surprise Royal
Comp. D G Hull (The Fluke)

1 Ivor R Nichols
2 Christine Broadley
3 Clive R Calton
4 William H Dowse
5 Neil Bennet
6 Simon A Bond
7 Matthew J Jones
8 Rev. Brian Harris
9 C Michael Orme
10 Ian W Taylor (C)

Rung to mark the centenary of the Scouting Movement. A 1st birthday compliment to Abigail Brown.

NEWHEY, S Thomas, Gr Man
Tue 28th August 2007 in 2h48 (4-1-17)
5088 Yorkshire Surprise Major
Comp. N J Pitstow

1 Stephen R T Pocock
2 James E Andrews
3 Simon A Bond
4 Derek J Thomas
5 Philip J H Hudson
6 Raymond A Hutchings
7 Matthew J Jones
8 Ashley B Wilson (C)

First as C. Circled the tower to peals: 4.

SHEFFIELD, Ranmoor, S John Ev, S Yks
Sat 1st September 2007 in 3h7 (16-1-5)
5040 Woodspring Surprise Royal
Comp. D G Hull

1 Ashley B Wilson
2 Val A Andrews
3 Paul B Hunter
4 Simon A Bond
5 Matthew J Jones
6 Ian Smith
7 Gordon R Birks
8 Andrew D Sibson (C)
9 Stephen R T Pocock
10 James E Andrews

SHEFFIELD, Cath Ch of SS Peter & Paul, S Yks
Sat 1st September 2007 in 3h18 (34-0-7)
5042 Yorkshire Surprise Maximus
Comp. J Worth

1 Val A Andrews
2 Paul B Hunter
3 Christine Broadley
4 Simon A Bond
5 Matthew J Jones
6 Ashley B Wilson
7 James C Marchbank
8 Ian Smith
9 James E Andrews (C)
10 Andrew D Sibson
11 Stephen R T Pocock
12 Gordon R Birks

First Surprise Maximus: 4 & 6 First Yorkshire Maximus: 7 A birthday compliment to Alex Edwards.

WESTHOUGHTON, S Bartholomew, Gr Man
Sat 29th December 2007 in 2h47 (14-1-2)
5088 Bristol Surprise Major
Comp. A G Reading

1 Ian Smith
2 Barbara D Murray
3 Simon A Bond
4 Val A Andrews
5 Matthew J Jones
6 Derek J Thomas
7 Stephen R T Pocock
8 James E Andrews (C)

WESTBURY, All Saints, Wilts
Sat 13th October 2012 in 3h36 (35-0-14)
5056 Bristol Surprise Major
Comp. R J Angrave (No. 2)

1 Matthew J Jones
2 Paul J Tiebout
3 James C Marchbank
4 Simon A Bond
5 Anthony M Bulteel
6 Roman E Sadowski
7 Colin M Lee (C)
8 Gordon R Birks

BRANCEPETH, S Brandon, Durham
Sat 14th February 2015 in 2h58 (14-1-13)
5028 Spliced Variable Cover Triples and Major (2m)
420 Stedman Triples, 4608 Bristol S Major; 13 com/p
Comp, M R Eccleston

1 Simon A Bond (C)
2 Matthew J Jones
3 Kristopher King
4 Alexander T G Pym
5 Richard Bimson
6 Robert V Criddle
7 Andrew G Enzor
8 Stephen A Croxall

Rung by men. In memory of Rob's freedom, soon to be replaced by an expanding waistline.

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