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Total 10056 changes in 2 peals and 0 quarter peals

LONDON, Holborn Viaduct, St Sepulchre without Newgate,
Sat 22nd August 2009 in 3h7 (28-2-16)
5040 Bristol Surprise Maximus
Comp. R W Lee

1 Rosemary H K Brooke
2 Simon A Bond
3 Charles W G Herriott (C)
4 Jennifer E Butler
5 Tessa K Beadman
6 James C Marchbank
7 Leigh D G Simpson
8 Benjamin J Carey
9 Edward P D Colliss
10 Edward N Hughes-D'Aeth
11 Luke T W Smith
12 Alan G Reading

First in method: 2. Rung by a band all under the age of 24.

LONDON, Lower Thames Street, St Magnus the Martyr,
Mon 30th August 2010 in 3h13 (26-3-9)
5016 Spliced Maximus (6m)
1056 each Ariel S, Phobos S, Zanussi S; 880 Maypole A; 792 Deimos A; 176 Slinky Differential Little TP; 109 com, atw.
Comp. D J Pipe

1 Imogen G K Brooke
2 Tessa K Beadman
3 Jennifer E Butler
4 Simon A Bond
5 Rosemary H K Brooke
6 Charles W G Herriott
7 Benjamin J Carey
8 Edward P D Colliss
9 Leigh D G Simpson
10 Matthew D Dawson
11 Alan G Reading (C)
12 Luke T W Smith

100th peal: 10. First peal with the Society: 1. An engagement compliment to Martin Cansdale and Becky Sugden. Rung by a band all aged 25 or under.

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