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Total 9018 changes in 1 peals and 3 quarter peals

BIRMINGHAM, Aston, SS Peter & Paul, W Mids
Sat 31st October 2015 in 3h16 (24-2-18)
5042 Bristol Surprise Maximus
Comp. M B Davies

1 Simon C Melen
2 Simon A Bond
3 Simon J L Linford (C)
4 Simon Read
5 Simon J T Smith
6 Simon J Ridley
7 Simon J Reading
8 Simon Humphrey
9 Simon A Rudd
10 Simon D Ogier
11 Simon S Meyer
12 Simon J Poole

First peal of Bristol Maximus by a band with the same Christian name.

Fri 12th June 2020 in 1h9
1344 Bristol Surprise Maximus

1 Simon A Bond
2 Elizabeth A Barnes
3 Craig P Homewood
4 Katharine J Firman
5 Simon A Rudd
6 Graham G Firman
7 David C Brown
8 Andrew P Deamer
9 Phillip R J Barnes (C)
10 Mark B Davies
11 Nicholas D Brown
12 Alex F Byrne

The first quarter peal of Maximus on this platform by twelve ringers. Rung with simulated sound and keyboard control.

Sun 23rd May 2021 in 48 mins
1280 Yorkshire Surprise Royal

1-2 Simon A Bond
3-4 Simon A Rudd (C)
5-6 Simon Humphrey
7-8 Simon J L Linford
9-10 Simon A Percy

First Surprise Royal in hand: 9-10 First Surprise Royal on an inside pair: 7-8.

Thu 8th July 2021 in 1h8
1352 Little Bob Fourteen

1-2 Simon C Melen
3-4 Simon A Rudd (C)
5-6 Simon Humphrey
7-8 Simon J Gay
9-10 Simon A Bond
11-12 Simon J L Linford
13-14 Simon A Percy

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