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Total 10038 changes in 2 peals and 0 quarter peals

ABINGDON, S Helen, Oxon
Sat 10th April 2010 in 3h17 (16-0-0)
5003 Spliced Caters and Royal (4m)
2283 Stedman Caters; 960 Yorkshire S Royal; 920 Bristol S Royal; 840 London No.3 S Royal; 33 com/p
Comp. D G Hull

1 Arthur J Reeves
2 Mark R Eccleston (C)
3 Lee Pinnington
4 Shirley E McGill
5 William T Bosworth
6 Simon A Bond
7 Catherine N Merlane
8 Adam S Greenley
9 Benjamin D Constant
10 Oliver D Cross

OXFORD, Magdalen College, Oxon
Sun 8th January 2023 in 3h20 (17-1-7)
5035 Spliced Caters and Royal (4m)
2555 Grandsire Caters, 880 Bristol Surprise Royal, 800 Triton Delight Royal, Yorkshire Surprise Royal; 16 com; atw.
Comp. S A Bond

1 Bernard J Stone
2 Robin O Hall
3 Colin M Lee
4 Jonathan Cresshull
5 David C Ockwell
6 Cameron White-Spunner
7 Simon A Bond (C)
8 John P W Taylor
9 David L Thomas
10 Alan M Eyles

In loving memory of Charlotte Everett, member of this Society, whose first peal was rung here in 1984 and who chimed these bells for daily services for many years.

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