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Total 2520 changes in 0 peals and 2 quarter peals

OXFORD, S Mary Magd, Oxon
Sat 16th November 2013 in 38 mins (7-1-12)
1260 Stedman Doubles

1 Simon A Bond (C)
2 Rachel E Prior
3 Nicholas J Hartley
4 Andrew R Freer
5 Matthew R Johnson
6 Isobel L Fray

First of Stedman: 2 & 5. On OUS quarter peal day to mark the 300th anniversary of the burial of Fabian Stedman.

OXFORD, S Mary V, Oxon
Sat 16th November 2013 in 49 mins (26-2-9)
1260 Stedman Doubles

1 Michele Winter
2 Jeremy R Pratt (C)
3 Anne S Pratt
4 Stuart F Gibson
5 Simon A Bond
6 Bernard J Stone

Celebrating the life and legacy of Fabian Stedman (1640-1713) on the 300th anniversary of his burial. Four of these bells are contemporaneous with Stedman.

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