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Total 16402 changes in 3 peals and 1 quarter peals

OXFORD, S Thomas M, Oxon
Mon 19th February 2007 in 43 mins (11-2-6)
1282 Swindon Surprise Royal

1 Claire L Thomson
2 Michael A Williams (C)
3 Sarah A Taylor
4 Jennifer C E Lane
5 Hugh J W Wilkinson
6 James C Marchbank
7 Simon A Bond
8 Jonathan Cresshull
9 Nicholas J Balderson
10 Mark A Bell

Rung as a 60th birthday compliment to John Ascroft, tower captain at Penwortham, Lancs. Also as a forthcoming wedding compliment to Chris Poole and Katie Chambers. First blows in method for all. 800th Quarter: 2 Circled the tower to quarter peals: 2

ABINGDON, S Helen, Oxon
Sat 6th October 2007 in 3h12 (16-0-0)
5040 Swindon Surprise Royal

1 Raymond A Vickers
2 Mark J Walker
3 Julie A Haseldine
4 Ruth Stokes
5 Marika Pascovitch
6 Simon A Bond
7 James A Haseldine (C)
8 Jonathan Cresshull
9 Christopher C Stokes
10 Andrew Haseldine

Rung with thanksgiving for, and in celebration of, the safe birth on the 3rd October 2007 of Molly Louise Batts.

OXFORD, S Mary Magd, Oxon
Tue 23rd September 2008 in 2h48 (7-1-12)
5040 Swindon Surprise Royal
Comp. W Butler

1 Keith D Anderson
2 Simon A Bond
3 Michele Ellender
4 John W T Hibbert
5 Harry Winter
6 Simon L Edwards
7 Jonathan Cresshull
8 William Butler (C)
9 Clive Holloway
10 Alan D Flood

OXFORD, S Thomas M, Oxon
Mon 13th August 2012 in 2h49 (11-2-6)
5040 Swindon Surprise Royal
Comp. G A C John

1 Bernard J Stone
2 Michele Winter
3 Alan D Flood
4 Cynthia E Howell
5 Simon L Edwards
6 Andrew N Stubbs
7 Timothy G Pett (C)
8 Kenneth R Davenport
9 John G Pusey
10 Simon A Bond

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