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Total 2540 changes in 0 peals and 2 quarter peals

ADDERBURY, St Mary, Oxon
Sat 7th March 2009 in 52 mins (24-0-14)
1280 Bristol Surprise Major

1 Kirsty K Monk
2 Michael O'Hagan
3 Christopher J Backhouse
4 Stephen J D Dann
5 Robert S Wallis
6 Luke O Camden
7 Simon A Bond (C)
8 Mark B Place

Rung for, and to mark the start of, the Oxford University Society of Change Ringers termly quarter peal day for Hilary term 2009, a Michael O'Hagan production. First in method: 4. The conductor would like to associate the change 43215678 with this performance and wish Luke Camden an enjoyable third blow in fifths place.

ADDERBURY, St Mary, Oxon
Sat 29th March 2014 in 46 mins (24-0-14)
1260 Spliced Triples (4m)
588 Double Court Bob, 252 Grandsire, 210 Hereward Bob, Double Oxford Bob; 24 com.

1 Bernard J Stone
2 Colin M Lee
3 Michael O'Hagan
4 Ryan Mills
5 Simon A Bond (C)
6 Michael A Williams
7 Robin O Hall
8 Harry Gibson

First successful foray into spliced pure triples for all, probably.

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