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Total 11429 changes in 2 peals and 1 quarter peals

AMERSHAM, S Mary V, Bucks
Sat 13th September 2008 in 3h10 (19-0-6)
5042 Cambridge Surprise Maximus
Comp. R W Pipe

1 Raymond A Vickers
2 June D Wells
3 Ruth Stokes
4 Julie A Haseldine
5 Jennifer C E Lane
6 Marika Pascovitch
7 Simon A Bond
8 Christopher M Mundy
9 Andrew Haseldine (C)
10 James A Haseldine
11 E John Wells
12 Christopher C Stokes

AMERSHAM, S Mary V, Bucks
Sun 5th April 2009 in 2h30 (6-1-14)
5088 Bristol Surprise Major
Comp. D F Morrison (No. 4)

1 Valerie J Simmonds
2 Jonathan H Potter
3 Beryl R Norris
4 Simon L Edwards
5 Simon A Bond
6 Clive Holloway
7 Peter G C Ellis (C)
8 Robert J Crocker

In Memoriam Andrew Collins, a member of this tower, who died on 4th April, aged 58.

AMERSHAM, S Mary V, Bucks
Fri 8th June 2018 in 48 mins (19-0-6)
1299 Stedman Cinques

1 Caroline C House
2 Leigh D G Simpson
3 W Nigel G Herriott
4 Jillian E Galloway
5 Simon A Bond
6 Graham G Firman
7 Robin O Hall (C)
8 Colin M Parker
9 Henry D Coggill
10 James C Marchbank
11 David E House
12 Luke T W Smith

In joyful anticipation and celebration of Jill and Colin's wedding at this church tomorrow.

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